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STL Model Sliced For 3D Printing

STL model sliced for additive manufacturing.

DMC software is used for various laser machining applications. Some of them are:

Flexibility of DMC makes it also a great tool in an application lab.

If your application lacks a feature in DMC, tells us in a form below. We are always eager to cooperate to create the best tool to control laser machines.

Laser Additive Manufacturing

DMC software is a great tool to prepare and control laser additive manufacturing / 3D printing processes like Selective Laser Sintering SLS, stereolithography and others.

PCB Laser Processing

Gerber and NC Drill files can be imported to DMC laser machining software and prepared for machining. The whole process for both sides of PCB is controlled at single window.

Process can be implemented with both, galvo scanners and linear stages for greater speed and field size and Machine Vision to realign after flipping or board replacement.

Laser Engraving

Laser engraving processes can be easily prepared and controlled with DMC laser machining software.

Import DXF, STL files or design picture with inbuilt tools. Use designs for 3D and deep laser engraving.

Use integrated Machine Vision to manually or automatically align your object on the sample for precise positioning.

DMC laser machining software controls both, galvanometric scanners and positioning stages, so processes can be optimized for large field and high speed.

Laser Drilling

DMC laser machining software allows easy preparation and control of laser drilling processes.

Use NC Drill, DXF files or add holes yourself. Complex hole patterns can be created using Recipe Flow tools.

Set laser and motion parameters.

DMC Stitching tools enables use of galvo scanners for drilling and linear stage translation between holes. This way speed, size and accuracy of the process can be maximized.

Alignment with cameras and machine vision is available as an option.

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