PCB Laser Processing

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DMC laser machining software supports import of Gerber and NC Drill files. Imported files can be used to prepare recipes for:

Depending on the process, files can be hatched with regular or inverted hatching.

Process can be implemented with both, galvo scanners and linear stages for greater speed and field size.

Multiple processes can be implemented, using Machine Vision to realign after PCB replacement.

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Use Gerber files for PCB Laser Etching / Exposure

DMC supports Gerber file import. Files can be hatched with line, cross-hatch or contour hatching.

Hatching can be inverted, depending on the process and area to be processed.

Laser focus spot compensation is achieved with contour and hatching offsets.

Use Stitching to control both, scanners and stages, to have great speed and field size.

Use NC Drill files for PCB laser drilling

For PCB laser drilling NC Drill files may be used.

Import the file, select either helical or layer by layer laser drilling.

When using Stitching with an Object Centering feature, it will center each hole in the center of galvo scanner field. So each hole is precise.

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