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CAD Import And Design

The basis of any laser machining recipe is fabrication trajectories. In DMC trajectories can be generated by importing CAD files (DXF, DWG, STL, Gerber, NC Drill, etc.) or by drawing them with built in tools.

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Hardware Control

DMC laser machining software controls hardware of the machine directly. So there is no need for G-Code generation, proofing and uploading.

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5-axis Machine Control

DMC can be used to control 5-axis stages plus a galvo scanner for any 3D shape processing. After the system is configured in DMC, the user only has to import a CAD object, set process parameters and click Run. DMC handles trajectory calculation and process control.

Machine Vision And Alignment

DMC software seamlessly integrates machine vision for laser machining processes. Use it to see machining results or position you fabrication trajectories on the sample precisely.

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