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CAD File Imported

CAD file imported and hatched fol laser etching.

The basis of any laser machining recipe is fabrication trajectories. In DMC trajectories can be generated by importing CAD files (DXF, DWG, STL, Gerber, NC Drill, etc.) or by drawing them with built in tools.

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DXF, DWG, Gerber file import

DMC software imports DXF, DWG, Gerber files to prepare for laser cutting, etching, ablation and other 2D, 2.5D applications.

All objects are imported as lines and arcs for efficient machining. Gerber file import preserves its original track line width.

Set size and position of the object or simply drag it where it should be machined.

Use Hatching to fill the volume of the object.

Use Stitching feature to split large objects to machine with galvo scanners.

STL file import

STL files can be imported to DMC laser machining software to prepare them for laser additive manufacturing or deep laser engraving.

DMC slices and hatches STL files to convert them to 2.5D data for layer by layer machining.

Using 64-bit architecture, DMC not only supports large and complex STL files, but handles them really fast. Our advanced slicing and hatching algorithms allows to slice 300 MB file with 4 million triangles in less than a minute.

Faulty STL models can be fixed using DMC Slice Repair tool.

NC Drill file import

DMC allows NC Drill file import for laser drilling processes.

Adjust via hole size by offsets to compensate beam spot diameter.

Use either helical or layer by layer drilling. In Helical drilling mode, Z axis moves constantly, while XY axes draws circles. In Layer mode a set number of repeats are done before moving Z axis by a specified step size to increase drilling depth.

Use Stitching tool to center each hole at the center of galvo scanners.

Combine NC Drill file with Gerber files to do both PCB etching and drilling.

Drawing tools

Simple shapes like lines, circles, arcs and rectangles are easy to draw in DMC software. You can draw them by hand and/or add precise parameters for size and position.

You can even draw poly-lines and polygon shapes with a special easy to use tool.

All closed shapes can be hatched with one of the hatching types (lines, cross-hatching, dots, contours).

Select motion speed and laser parameters either for each shape, groups of shapes or the whole recipe.

Use Stitching tool to split large shapes or to center them in galvo scanner field.

Text Tool In DMC

Text: speed = {speed} mm/s.


To add a text in the machining recipe, simply click on Text tool and click where it should appear.

DMC supports fonts supported by Windows, bolditalicunderline, and strikethrough functions.

Formulas and Variables can be used and interpreted in text as well using {}. E.g. a line “speed = {v} mm/s”, where “v” is a variable with value 50, will return a result “speed = 50 mm/s”. This function is especially useful in R&D as process parameters can be marked near object for future reference.


Any imported or drawn object with a closed contour can be hatched in DMC laser machining software.

DMC has several different hatching modes: Line, Cross-Hatching (up to 5 angles), Dots and Contours.

All modes allows deleting original contour, also adding contour and hatching offsets for beam spot compensation.

Line, Cross-Hatching and Dots modes allows to change hatching angle.

Contour offset allows filling object or adding just a set number of contours.

A separate process parameters can be assigned for contour marking and for hatching.

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