Supported Hardware List

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Positioning stages

Supported controllers by DMC:

  • ACS Motion Control
  • Aerotech A3200/ Ensamble
  • Newport XPS
  • Physik Instrumente via GCS (no XY synchronized motion)
  • Polaris Motion Control
  • Zaber X-MCB2
  • Delta TAU PMAC, Power PMAC
  • Galil DMC-41×3
  • Googol
  • HALaser E1701M (no XY synchronized motion)
  • Applied Motion (no XY synchronized motion)
  • Clear View SC (no XY synchronized motion)
  • MEI
  • TinyG
  • Standa SMC (no XY synchronized motion)
  • Thorlabs (no XY synchronized motion)
  • SigmaKoki GSC-01 / GSC-02

Additional controllers can be implemented on request.

Galvanometric scanners

Supported galvo scanner controllers by DMC:

  • RTC3/4/5/6 with XL Scan by ScanLAB
  • Polaris Motion Control
  • Raylase SP-ICE3
  • Cambridge ScanMaster
  • Canon GB-511
  • SmartMove
  • HALaser E1701/E1803
  • Aerotech
  • Sino CSG9210

Additional controllers can be implemented on request.

Laser sources

Supported laser sources by DMC:

  • Light Conversion Carbide/Pharos
  • SPI R4/G4
  • Amplitude Tangerine/Satsuma
  • Lumentum PicoBlade
  • Rofin SCx30
  • Spectra-Physics Spirit
  • Coherent Lumera

Additional lasers can be implemented on request.


Supported cameras by DMC:

  • Cameras with GigE Vision
  • Basler
  • IDS imaging
  • Mightex
  • Cameras with DirectShow drivers
  • Allied Vision
  • PointGray (Flir)
  • HikVision
  • Euresys frame grabber

Additional cameras can be implemented on request.

Power Meters

Supported power meters by DMC:

  • Gentec S-Link-2/M-Link/P-link/Integra
  • Coherent PowerMax
  • Ophir Nova II
  • Analog Sensors

Additional power meters can be implemented on request.


Sensors supported by DMC:

  • Keyence LT9010/CL-3000
  • Panasonic HL-G125 S-J
  • Analog height sensors

Additional sensors can be implemented on request.


Other hardware supported by DMC:

  • DLP projection generators
  • SLMs
  • Optogama laser accessories
  • Altechna PowerXP/MoTex
  • Thorlabs shutter
  • Attenuator controlled by supported motion controllers

Additional hardware can be implemented on request.

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