Stage and Scanner Synchronized Control

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DMC’s Adaptive Mark on Fly (MOTF) allows efficient processing of large parts that can tolerate stitching or has features that are small enough to fit into the scanner field. MOTF analyses the pattern and controls stage speed according to it. If there are a lot of lines, it slows down and when not – speeds up. Using DMC’s MOTF, it is possible to achieve up to 30% faster processing times compared to other technologies.

Exaggerated view of the Adaptive Mark On The Fly in DMC. The pattern is divided into tiles (grey boxes), the direction of the fly is displayed in green arrows and the red square is the galvo field size.

The user only has to import the pattern, define the process, select the size of the feature to preserve and choose fly direction. DMC automatically splits the pattern, calculates trajectories and controls the hardware to do the job.

Other supported technologies:

  • Aerotech’s Infinite Field of View
  • Scanlab’s XL Scan
  • Polaris IFOV