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Additive Manufacturing GUI for DMC

Customized DMC GUI for Additive Manufacturing

Direct Machining Control provides OEM versions of DMC for laser machine integrators, motion control companies. It is adapted to best fit your laser machining application and your laser machine.

OEM version can include:

  • Task optimized HMI
  • New features for process control
  • Special machining sequence strategies
  • New hardware support
  • Other features.

All that is combined with the powerful DMC engine inside.

Adaptations for the software can be implemented either by:

  • users themselves creating C# plugins
  • or it may be done by Direct Machining Control.

Flexible DMC architecture allows to make adaptations quickly. Typically, development of special version takes 0.5 – 2 weeks depending on the scope.

For more information, please contact us at info@directmachining.com or use the contact form below.