DMC Versions And Modules

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DMC Drawing Tools

Draw shapes to prepare recipe in DMC laser machining software.


DMC includes essential features of DMC for laser machining process designing and machine control. It controls up to 3 motion axes (galvo or stages), has file import and drawing functionality. DMC is great for design and control of simpler laser machining applications like marking, engraving or cutting. Specific features needed for some applications can be added via additional PCB, 3D or user specific modules.

Camera and machine vision features can be integrated by adding MV PRO or MV LITE modules.

Typical use of DMC is for a 2-2,5D laser machine that does not require advanced features of DMC PRO.

DMC User Interface

DMC User Interface


DMC PRO is an ultimate tool to create laser machining designs and control laser machine. Be it semiconductor production, mold texturing or additive manufacturing – DMC PRO has the flexibility to control most of laser machining applications. All the processes are designed in a simple and visual way. There is no need for G-Code or other programming. See a feature list for DMC PRO here.

DMC PRO license also includes 2 days of development by one of our experienced programmers. During that time additional features or hardware support might be added to suit your needs. Additional adaptations can be quoted by Direct Machining Control or can be done by user via our APIs.

Camera and machine vision features can be integrated by adding MV PRO or MV LITE modules.

Typical use of DMC PRO is for industrial R&D machines where new laser machining processes are created with some small scale production.

PCB Processing Automation

One recipe does PCB drilling, etching and cutting using both, galvo scanners and positioning stages with different laser power and motion speed settings. Each color represents a different set of parameters.


DMC ULTIMATE is a carefree solution for the development of a new machine. It includes DMC PRO and MV PRO for recipe creation and machine control including automatic alignment. But most importantly it includes the development of support for new hardware, new features, special user interface and visit of our engineer for testing and training at your facilities (EU, North America, China, S. Korea, Taiwan, Japan. For other countries contact us).

DMC ULTIMATE is a best solution, when you need customization work done for your machine and application and want your budget to be fixed. With DMC ULTIMATE it is our responsibility that software works properly with your machine and your application.

We usually take the following steps with our customers to implement DMC ULTIMATE:

  • Scope of adaptations is defined (features and hardware to control)
  • An order confirmation is issued by Direct Machining Control
  • Development of features and hardware support is done with remote testing when possible
  • Our engineer visits to perform final testing of software on the actual machine and train customer’s personnel.

DMC GUI For Additive Manufacturing

Special DMC OEM interface for Additive Manufacturing


DMC OEM is a tailor made software package to control specific laser machine with specific applications. DMC engine is used to create motion control and control laser machine. But user interface, features and functions for machine operator are optimized for a specific task.

Usually, DMC OEM version is used after most of R&D is done, the machining process is clear and is performed by an operator as a repetitive task. We work together with machine integrator and an end-user to create an optimal HMI to simplify the production process and to ensure needed security with logging and encryption features.

DMC PCB Laser Etching

DMC PCB Laser Etching

PCB Module

PCB Module is an addition for DMC LITE for PCB processing. It adds Gerber and NC Drill / Excellon file support for PCB laser etching, drilling and cutting control. All the processes can be combined and controlled in DMC with minimal operator intrusion.

Supports for Additive Manufacturing

Supports for Additive Manufacturing

3D Module

3D Module is an addition for DMC LITE for 3D file (STL, STP, IGES) import and preparation for laser 3D printing and/or deep laser engraving. It includes model fixing and support generation tools for 3D printing.

Stitched camera view displayed with trajectories matching the pattern on the sample


MV PRO integrates machine vision functionality for DMC. It supports industrial cameras (IDS, AVT, Basler, Mightex, PointGrey) and adds focus finding, view stitching functionalities as well as manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic sample alignment. It also unlocks calibration tools that are using a camera for data collection.

Camera View Through Galvo Scanner

Camera View Through Galvo Scanner


MV LITE integrates camera view into DMC. It supports industrial cameras (IDS, AVT, Basler, Mightex, PointGrey) and adds focus finding functionality as well as manual sample alignment.

Multihead module visualisation

Multihead Module

Multihead or Multiple Scanner Simultaneous Control module enables simultaneous use of several scanners for processing a single area. It automatically handles trajectory separation and controls the hardware to produce the part. It also comes with special joining strategies for error minimization.

5Axis + the galvo scanner 3D shape patterning using DMC

5-Axis Modules

DMC can be used to control 5-axis stages plus a scanner for any 3D shape processing. There are separate 5-Axis Modules depending on the application. After the system is configured in DMC, the user only has to import a CAD object, set process parameters and click Run. DMC handles trajectory calculation and process control.

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