Laser Machine and
Process Control Software

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Machine builders and researchers trust us because we


Care about our customers

We are specializing in laser process control and have accumulated experience working through many different applications. We use our knowledge to help and guide our customers and being a lean company we can rapidly react to your requests.


Make processes faster

With DMC you can launch new products much faster. It saves development time and with built-in calibration tools allows to prepare the laser processing setup for work in minutes.


Simple to work with

It is easy to learn to work with DMC as the interface is user friendly, the processes are displayed visually and you always know what is happening.


Provide more flexibility

DMC is hardware-independent and can work with a wide range of applications. On top of that, DMC is also designed to be modular and easily expandable.


Allow you to change faster

When the time will come to change or launch a new product, you will be able to simply reconfigure the software or install a plugin to be ready for the new application. Also, the licenses do not expire, and we are always making the DMC better.

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DMC is a control software for laser machines. It’s an all-in-one solution from CAD to final part.

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  • Setup a virtual machine configuration
  • Import CAD and design processes
  • Execute your process in virtual environment


Trial license for 30 days

  • Connect DMC to your hardware
  • Try out the actual process
  • Most of the functionality is open to try


Single payment, without expiration

  • Assistance with configuration
  • Training included
  • Support and updates for 2 years