Direct Machining Control provides OEM solutions with DMC software for laser machine integrators and hardware manufacturers. DMC is then adapted to best fit your laser machining application and your laser machine.

OEM solution can include:

  • Task optimized HMI
  • New features for process control
  • Special machining sequence strategies
  • New hardware support
  • Other features

All that is combined with the powerful DMC engine inside. Adaptations for the software can be implemented either by:

  • users themselves creating C# plugins
  • or it may be done by Direct Machining Control

Flexible DMC architecture allows making adaptations quickly, new features usually take from a couple of days to a couple of weeks depending on the scope.

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Application Development

Flexible and universal DMC PRO nature allows the creation of a very wide range of custom processes and development for new applications.

Once the process is working, an appropriate custom command or automation recipe can be created to make an industrial solution.

Application Development

Calibration Tools

DMC software has calibration tools for easy initial system calibration or recalibration when some components get changed or very high accuracy is needed. Tools for:

  • Galvo calibration
  • Stage calibration
  • Camera calibration
  • Custom, depending on the application


Calibration Tools


Complex laser machining recipes can be created and automated with DMC software for a very wide range of applications.

The software can communicate via IO, databases, serial, OPC UA, and other industry standards to other machines and production management systems to allow for Industry 4.0 compatible machines.



Remote Control

Through the Remote Control Module, DMC can be controlled via TCP/IP protocol. That way DMC runs in the background controlled by master software.

DMC RCM allows:

  • Loading recipe files
  • Loading CAD files into the recipe
  • Changing variables defined in the recipe
  • Changing motion and laser parameters
  • Running recipes
  • Additional features can be added on request
Remote Control

Custom Machine HMI

Custom machine HMI can be created using RCM or DMC's API. We can also design and develop custom HMI based on your specification.

Custom Machine HMI

Get started with your DMC

Try the DMC. We will guide you from the very first step.

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  • Setup a virtual machine configuration
  • Import CAD and design processes
  • Execute your process in virtual environment


Trial license for 30 days

  • Connect DMC to your hardware
  • Try out the actual process
  • Most of the functionality is open to try


Single payment, without expiration

  • Assistance with configuration
  • Training included
  • Support and updates for 2 years