Get to know us

We are here to help you build better laser machines faster

Get to know us

Our vision for DMC is to be the gold standard for the laser machine control.

Sarunas Vaskelis, CEO Sarunas Vaskelis, CEO

Who we are

Direct Machining Control was founded in 2014. Using our background in laser micromachining we created software, that would automate mundane machine control tasks and allow engineers to focus on the application itself. Our aim is to provide a flexible and easy-to-use control solution for laser machines.

We are working closely with the leading hardware manufacturers to make sure that software enables the users to utilize their hardware to its full potential. We listen to our customers and are continually improving the software. DMC is trusted by some of the world’s biggest companies and universities to control their simple and highly complex laser machines for applications from cutting and engraving to 3D printing and beyond.

We strive to make the users happy by allowing them to focus on the actual machining process with an easy-to-use all-in-one machine control solution.

What we do

DMC is a control software for laser machines. It’s an all-in-one solution where the user creates or imports CAD objects, sets process parameters, and clicks Run. DMC then takes care of all the hardware control according to the recipe. Typical applications range from laser marking or engraving to 3D printing and 5-axis texturing of freeform surfaces.

DMC has integrated machine vision and supports a wide range of sensors. That and various built-in process-specific tools allow the users to fully automate the process for industrial OEM systems or high-volume research tasks. DMC is hardware-independent and looks the same for any combination of the hardware. The user can share recipes, settings, or procedures between the machines.

You can get DMC as a LITE version for simple or PRO version for more demanding applications. DMC is modular, so you can add machine vision, 5-axis, and other modules to extend the capabilities. Or go the OEM route and get a custom HMI and a solution adapted to your requirements.

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