Our next event is LASYS in Stuttgart from June 21st to 23rd, booth 7D31 in hall 7

Supported hardware list

  • Positioning stage controllers
  • Galvanometric scanner controllers
  • Laser sources
  • Cameras
  • Power meters
  • Sensors
  • Other hardware
  • Your hardware is not included?

Positioning stage controllers

  • ACS Motion Control
  • Aerotech A3200/ Ensemble
  • Polaris Motion Control
  • Newport XPS (has certain limitations for laser triggering)
  • Delta TAU PMAC, Power PMAC
  • Physik Instrumente via GCS (no XY synchronized motion)
  • Zaber X-MCB2/X-MCC
  • Galil DMC-41×3
  • Googol
  • HALaser E1701M (no XY synchronized motion)
  • Applied Motion (no XY synchronized motion)
  • Clear View SC (no XY synchronized motion)
  • TinyG
  • Standa SMC (no XY synchronized motion)
  • Thorlabs (via APT, no XY synchronized motion)
  • SigmaKoki GSC-01/GSC-02 (no XY synchronized motion)

Galvanometric scanner controllers

  • RTC3/4/5/6 and XL SCAN by SCANLAB GmbH
  • Raylase SP-ICE3
  • Polaris Motion Control
  • Aerotech
  • Cambridge ScanMaster
  • Canon GB-511/GB-501
  • SmartMove
  • HALaser E1701/E1803

Laser sources

  • Light Conversion Carbide/Pharos
  • SPI R4/G4
  • Amplitude Tangerine/Satsuma
  • Lumentum PicoBlade
  • Rofin SCx30
  • Spectra-Physics Spirit
  • Trumpf TruMicro (OPCUA)


  • Basler (Pylon v6/v5.2/v5)
  • IDS imaging
  • Cognex with inSight Vision
  • Mightex
  • Allied Vision
  • PointGray and Flir
  • HikVision (MV-CA060-11GM)
  • Lucid Vision
  • Matrix Vision
  • Cameras with genTL up to 1.5
  • Cameras with DirectShow drivers

Power meters

  • Gentec S-Link-2/M-Link/P-link/Integra
  • Coherent PowerMax
  • Ophir Nova II
  • Thorlabs (specific firmware)
  • Analog Sensors


  • Keyence CL-3000 (serial and TCP/IP) and LK-G5000 (serial)
  • Panasonic HL-G125 S-J
  • Precitec CHRocodile
  • Optimet ConoPoint
  • Heliotis heliInspect H8
  • Analog height sensors
  • SCANLAB Open Interface Extension

Other hardware

  • DLP projection generators
  • SLMs
  • Optogama laser accessories
  • Altechna PowerXP/MoTex
  • Thorlabs shutter
  • Attenuator controlled by supported motion controllers

Your hardware is not included?

We can implement other hardware as well. Due to the flexible architecture of DMC, new hardware implementation does not take long.

For example, adding another scanner or stage controller usually takes only up to 2 weeks. Please reach out to us for more details.