Calibration Tools

  • Camera Calibration
  • Galvo Scanner Calibration
  • Stage Calibration Tool

Camera Calibration

MM per Pixel Detection automatically detects mm/pixel and camera orientation by moving stages and analyzing the camera view.

Set View Size/Position allows for an easy camera to laser offset definition and the user can also correct perspective if the camera is mounted at an angle.

After the camera is calibrated, designed trajectories precisely match with the machined ones through the camera view.

Galvo Scanner Calibration

DMC has two tools for galvo scanner calibration. The main tool uses a system’s stages and the camera to capture the marked grid. The secondary tool is when the system does not have a camera or stages and allows importing an image to automatically extract the marked grid. Marked pattern recognition can be either manual or fully automatic.

With the main tool, DMC marks the grid with the Galvo and then uses the stages and the camera to find each point in the grid and then generates the calibration file accordingly.

Stage Calibration Tool

DMC also allows for easy 2D stage calibration. The user must have a precise mask and mount it on the stage, then using stages and a camera DMC finds each point on the grid and generates a calibration file.