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DMC PRO User Interface

DMC User Interface

DMC is a software to control your laser machining process. It controls laser source, galvo scanners, positioning stages and other devices.

Use it on your lab or industrial one-of-the-kind machine. For multiple machines also consider an OEM version.

DMC has several versions and modules to fit different applications and budgets.

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DXF file imported for laser machining

DXF, STL, Gerber files can be imported to DMC laser machining software.

Import 2D and 3D CAD files

DXF, DWG, STL, Gerber and NC Drill files can be imported to DMC and used for laser machining.

STL files can be sliced and hatched and used for 3D laser printing and 3D laser engraving.

DXF, DWG and Gerber files can be hatched and offsets added for beam spot compensation.

Use imported CAD files to prepare complex laser machining recipes as well.

DMC Drawing Tools

Draw shapes to prepare recipe in DMC laser machining software.

Draw simple objects in DMC

Simple shapes like lines, circles, arcs and rectangles are easy to draw in DMC. You can draw them by hand and/or add precise parameters for size and position.

You can even draw polylines and polygon shapes with a special easy to use tool.

All closed shapes can be hatched with one of the hatching types (lines, cross-hatching, dots, contours).

Select motion speed and laser parameters for each shape, groups of shapes or the whole recipe.

DMC Recipe Preparation

Create loops of similar machining paths.

Create complex recipes with Recipe Flow tools

All the parameters in the recipe like size, position, motion and laser parameters can be entered as variables. It is an easy way to change and control parameters for whole recipe.

In addition, logical commands like “cycle” and “if” could be used to create really complex yet flexible and easy to control laser machining recipes.

Use mathematical expressions, constants and formulas to create the most complex geometries.

DMC Stitching Tool

Stitching combines motion galvo scanners and stages.

Control positioning stages and galvo scanners

DMC has a Stitching tool to combine motion of galvo scanners and linear stages. You can have the speed of galvo scanners and the field size of linear stages on the laser machine. And all of it is controlled with an easy function in a single window.

Stitching allows to divide large object or recipe to tiles, or center each object in the galvo field e.g. for drilling.

Instead of generating G-Code, DMC controls all of the hardware directly, so all the motions are coordinated with an available feedback from controllers.

Serial Port Control

Serial Port Control.

Control devices via I/Os and Serial port

Hardware in the laser machine, can be also controlled via digital and analog I/O and Serial port commands.

Commands can be included to the recipes or added as special buttons in the user interface.

Support for specific devices, like laser sources, power meters and others is developed on request.

DMC Joystick Tool

Joystick Tool for manual control of positioning stages.

Control positioning stages with Virtual Joystick

DMC has a Virtual Joystick tool, that allows to manually control all the positioning stages on your laser machine.

Additionally there are preset positions e.g. load-unload automatic motion between camera and laser positions, laser firing control.

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